What can The Escape Key do to help you?

        Your needs are very important and serious. Every accommodation will be made to make repairing your computer as convenient as possible for you. You will receive services in a fashion not many computer repair shops are willing to provide. As the customer, YOU, come first. Your computer is important to you, your family, and even your business. You should not have to go without one. You will see a different side to computer repair with The Escape Key. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all services, and they are unmatched by any company. If you have suggestions on how we can serve you better we are always willing to listen, please send an email to The Escape Key. 618-445-2078 or 618-302-7891

Laptop Repair You Can Trust

        Let the laptop repair pros take care of your disaster, whether its a broken screen that needs replacement, or a crashed hard drive. You can be up and running in no time.

Any Kind Of PC Repair

        All models and brands of PC repair is performed at The Escape Key. Whether itís a blue screen error, or you want to upgrade the speed and hard drive storage, you will be well taken care of.

Effective Data Recovery Service

        With data recovery service performed by pros, what you thought was lost becomes found! Donít get ripped off for what some companies call data recovery. We shoot straight with you and you pay for the level of difficulty and time required to recover the data, not a service label.

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