The Escape Key

        You deserve a full service computer repair company whoís goals are to provide transparent and honest repair service to Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana residents and business owners. The Escape Key, your small town computer repair specialists, are thankful for the opportunity to service your needs.
Most likely, you do not have the time, nor care to know about what it takes to fix common computer issues and troubleshoot errors, you just need your computer to work.

        Although many people do actually attempt to fix their computer and virus removal problems themselves with system recovery disks and system restores, more times than not, the end result is greater damage, loss of data, wasted time, and the inevitable visit to the local repair shop. You can rely on us as your computer repair company to save you from the troubles and headaches associated with your pc repair needs.

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Donít Be Taken Advantage Of

        You should be concerned with who you are trusting with your personal information as you find a computer repair company you can call your own. We desire to bring awareness to some of the common computer repair scams and situations through developing a personal working relationship with our clients. Some of these situations you may recall as past experiences.

        Unfortunately, as with every business, there are some practices employed by repair companies that donít measure up to the industry certification standards. We are a company made up of Information Technology Professionals and our goal is to raise the bar for the Southern Illinois and Indiana computer repair industry.