Important Services

        Are you a victim of the notorious Blue Screen of Death error? Let the The Escape Key computer repair pros ease your worries. We will have your computer back in operating order in no time. We are familiar with most of these kinds of errors, and usually it is something that can be repaired rather quickly. There are many causes for these kinds of errors.

        Sometimes hardware malfunctions or driver corruption can cause unfamiliar errors to users. Sometimes when a computer is infected with a virus it will attach itself to system files and corrupt them. When they are removed sometimes they take the important file with them. However with The Escape Key you can rest assured your computer is in good hands, and your problem will be fixed in a timely manner. Is there some sort of other annoying error that keeps plaguing you? There is no error too small for The Escape Key computer repair pros.

We support all Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems.